Enhanced Terms and Conditions for Forms and Surveys in SMBcrm

New Product Update – Updates in Terms and Conditions in Forms/Surveys

We’re excited to announce a new update that enhances how you manage terms and conditions for forms and surveys within SMBcrm. These improvements aim to provide clearer, more compliant messaging and streamlined management of your privacy policies and terms of service when collecting phone numbers.

What’s New?

Updated Terms and Conditions

The default terms and conditions have been updated for phone elements added to your forms or surveys. This change ensures that users are explicitly asked for consent to use their contact numbers, keeping your business compliant with A2P regulations.

Compliant Message

With the updated default terms and conditions, the message now specifically asks for users’ consent for using their contact information. This provides a more straightforward and compliant way to gather necessary permissions.

New Text Elements

To further simplify compliance, separate text elements containing links to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will now be automatically added when a phone element is included in the Form/Survey Builder. This integration ensures that all required legal information is presented to your users without extra effort.

Bug Fix

We’ve also resolved some issues to improve the functionality and user experience:

  • Fixed a problem where conditional logic was not working correctly for the country field.
  • Resolved issues with the user-specific checkbox field not performing as expected.

Stay compliant and make your data collection smoother with these latest updates to our forms and surveys.

Here’s a quick look at the changes:
Web form for personal contact information submission.

These updates are designed to make managing user data and compliance easier for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

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Stay tuned for more updates and happy CRM-ing!