Enhanced User Experience in Conversations

User Experience Improvements in Conversations

Contact Avatar Interaction

Our latest update brings a flexible and user-friendly way to interact with contact avatars within conversations. Users can now choose between opening contact details in a new tab or the same tab based on personal preference, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Open in Same Tab: Click on the contact avatar.
  • Open in New Tab: Click on the "Open in new tab" icon beside the contact name.

Contact Avatar Interaction

Email Conversations Enhancement

We’ve made several updates to the email conversations feature to improve user experience:

  • Tooltips Added: Tooltips for "Reply" and "Reply All" options are now available to help users better understand their functions.
  • Improved Loading Speed: Enjoy significantly faster access to your email content, making your communication more efficient.
  • Signature Loading Fixes: We’ve addressed intermittent issues with loading user signatures, ensuring your emails always display as intended.

These updates are designed to make your interactions within the platform smoother and more intuitive. Be sure to explore these new features and see how they can streamline your daily tasks.

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