Enhancements in Reply Management

We’re excited to announce enhanced reply management for email campaigns. This major update will give you more flexibility in managing your replies, enabling you to streamline your marketing or support operations.

Enhancements in Reply Management

Previously, managing replies from email campaigns meant using a global “reply-to” address or the sender’s email. This was restrictive when you wanted different campaigns to use different reply addresses, managed by specific teams.

This update lets you specify custom “reply-to” addresses for individual email campaigns. Any replies for a specified campaign will be steered to the chosen address you set, giving you easy control over your responses.

Getting Started

To start using these enhancements:

  1. Go to ‘Email Marketing’ on the main menu.
  2. Within your campaign getting ready to roll out, choose your campaign and click “Send” or “Schedule.”

Image One

  1. Now, if you want to set a different “reply-to” address and not use the sender’s email or your global reply-to, simply select “Set a custom reply-to address for this campaign.”

Image Two

  1. You can then input the desired “reply-to” email address for this specific campaign.

Image Three

Reply-To Addresses Priority

When setting the “reply-to” addresses, the following priority applies:

Priority 1: If you have set a custom “reply-to” address in the campaign’s Send or Schedule screen, this address will be used first.

Priority 2: If no custom “reply-to” address has been set, the system will then use the address specified under ‘Location Settings -> Email service -> Reply & Forwarding settings’.

Image Four

Priority 3: If the first two priorities are not set, then the default values will be used.

This improvement provides workable and straightforward solutions for different campaign scenarios, and represents another way we’re enhancing your user-experience with our platform.

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