Enhancements to Online Stores: Introduction of Product Collections

Enhancements to Online Stores: Introduction of Product Collections

We understand that our business users often have extensive product portfolios, which can make navigation a little tricky for their customers. To overcome this hurdle, our latest update improves navigation for online stores by introducing Product Collections.

Product Collections – What Are They?

Product collections are a new and powerful tool for categorizing your inventory. Whether you’re introducing a new product line or sorting existing products, you can now assign products to different collections for more straightforward navigation in your online store. The collections page, found under the Products tab, allows you to delete or update existing collections tailored to your business needs.

Improving Online Store Navigation

With this update, business users can use the website builder’s navigation menu to list collections under custom menu item names. This new development is a game-changer for businesses offering extensive product lines, as it enables simpler and faster navigation for customers.

For instance, if you own a clothing store, you may have collections like “Summer Styles,” “Winter Warmers,” or “Denim Selection.” These collections can be listed under custom names in your navigation menu, expediting product searches for customers.

Moreover, alongside the menu items, users have the flexibility to display a cart icon in the navigation menu, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Product Collections Introduction

Collection Navigation Menus

Organizing Collections

Updating Existing Collections

Displaying Cart Icon

Improved Navigation Experience

Product Collection Page

Customized Product Menu

Embrace The Smooth Navigation

This valuable update is part of our commitment to enhancing your business connectivity and improving the shopping experience for customers. We encourage you to embrace these compelling features to make navigation smoother across your site.

Not sure how to get started? Feel free to contact our team for guidance or request a demo to see this update in action.

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