Enhancements to the Copy Workflow feature

Exciting Enhancements to the Copy Workflow feature

We are pleased to announce several major enhancements to our Copy Workflow feature, aimed at streamifying your workflows and boosting operational efficiency.

Greater Flexibility with Marketplace Integration

You can now replicate your workflows with Marketplace actions and triggers easily. This added support extends your ability to customize and adapt your processes to fit your unique business needs and is designed to provide you with greater flexibility.

Enhancements Image

Unleash the Power of Automation

In addition to Marketplace integration, we’ve also enabled effortless duplication of internally created actions and triggers. This enhancement paves the way for amplified automation capabilities across your account. Whether you’ve custom-developed a sequence of actions or devised a bespoke set of triggers, you can now replicate them across your workflows with ease.

Actions & Triggers Image

These updates reaffirm our commitment to provide you with the tools to manage your workflows more effectively and align with your goals. At SMBcrm, we always strive to help our users cultivate efficient, adaptable, and automated processes.

Start exploring these powerful features today or reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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