Enhancements to WhatsApp Contact Management

Enhancements to WhatsApp Contact Management

We’re thrilled to introduce new enhancements to your WhatsApp contact management experience. Our latest features bring ease and efficiency to your fingertips, enabling you to quickly identify whether your contacts are registered on WhatsApp. These streamlined communication efforts will save valuable time, focusing your resources on contacts reachable via WhatsApp.


Introducing the Valid_WhatsApp field and new filtering options

The Valid_WhatsApp field has been added at the contact level. This field indicates whether a contact’s number is registered and active on WhatsApp.

Screenshot of CRM contacts management interface.

Accompanying this field, a “Valid WhatsApp” column and filter have been added. Now, it’s easier than ever to identify and manage your WhatsApp-enabled contacts.

Understanding the Valid_WhatsApp Field Values

You may notice three possible values for the Valid_WhatsApp field:

  • Valid: The contact’s number is active on WhatsApp.
  • InValid: The contact’s number is not on WhatsApp.
  • Not Validated: It’s unclear whether the contact’s number is on WhatsApp or not.

Updating the Valid_WhatsApp Status

To provide accurate insight, these values are updated based on the following criteria:

  • Message Delivery Success: The contact is marked as “Valid” when a message is successfully delivered.
  • Delivery Issues: If a message faces delivery issues, the contact is marked as “Invalid”.
  • Incoming Message Validation: When a contact initiates a WhatsApp message, their status updates to “Valid”.
  • No Conversation Over WhatsApp: In cases where there’s no conversation over WhatsApp with a contact, the status remains “Not Validated”.

Why You’ll Love It

This enhancement not only streamlines communication but also facilitates the efficient management of contacts. Your workflows will improve, saving you time by targeting relevant contacts for WhatsApp interactions.

These latest features and filtering options are now available in your account’s Contacts section.

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