Enhancing Form Customization: Introducing Full Screen Mode in Our New Form Builder

Introducing Full Screen Mode in Our New Form Builder

We’re excited to introduce a significant upgrade to our new form builder designed to take your form customization to the next level.

What’s New: Full Screen Mode

The newly introduced Full Screen Mode maximizes the utilization of the entire screen space where it’s embedded, thereby enhancing your users’ interaction experience with the form. Here’s what to expect:

  • When activated, the form content fills up the entire screen space where it’s embedded up to its defined form width.
  • When deactivated, the form operates as it did previously, adding extra padding that made the form appear shrunken.

Benefits of the New Update

Here are the key features of the Full Screen Mode:

  • It allows users an intuitive way to activate and deactivate Full Screen mode.
  • Upon embedding our forms or third-party funnels, it ensures complete utilization of the available space.

How-To Guide: Full Screen Mode

Here’s how to activate Full Screen Mode:

  1. Navigate to Location Settings, then proceed to Labs.
  2. Find the “UI Revamp of Form Builder” option.
  3. Toggle the switch to activate the new form builder.
  4. Visit your form builder to experience the updated interface.
  5. Open the right sidebar.
  6. Proceed to Styles tab.
  7. Toggle the Full Screen Mode Option on or off.

To illustrate, see these side-by-side comparisons:


We look forward to seeing you make the most of the new Full Screen Mode. For any assistance or queries on this feature or any other, feel free to reach out to us.

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