Enhancing Webhook Functionality: XML Payload Support

Inbound Webhooks: Now Supporting XML Payloads

We are excited to announce a recent enhancement to our inbound webhook capabilities. Now, not only can you trigger workflows with JSON payloads, but you are also able to utilize XML payloads. This upgraded flexibility allows our customers to create more robust, versatile workflows.

XML Support in Inbound Webhook Screenshot

This new feature further increases the versatility of workflows. With the added support for XML payloads, users can now connect more services and execute workflows based on XML data received.

XML Payloads Screenshot

Just like with JSON, XML payloads can contain complex hierarchies and nested data. You simply specify the desired XML as the payload, and our platform does the rest.

Example of XML Payload in Inbound Webhook Screenshot

This latest upgrade is a part of our ongoing commitment to providing functionality that enhances your ability to automate and streamline business processes.

To learn more about how this update can benefit your lead generation and nurturing efforts, don’t hesitate to request a demo.

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