Enhancing Your Client Portal with Domain Connect

At SMBcrm, we're always looking to enhance the performance and security of our tools, and our Client Portal is no exception. In pursuit of this, we're releasing a new feature that’s set to supercharge your end-user experience – Domain Connect.

The Power of Domain Connect Integration

In providing a secure, user-friendly space for you to add or migrate domains, Domain Connect integration serves to enhance the functionality of our Client Portal to new heights.


This integration aims to streamline domain handling in your Client Portal, while enhancing the overall security and stability of the user experience on your domains.

Load Time – Faster Than Ever

In terms of improved performance, our development works have led to the load time for our Client Portal to be 15% faster than before. This means you'll spend less time waiting and more time on what matters.

Superior Security Features

The integration of Domain Connect with our Client Portal also introduces enhanced security features. To better help protect your online presence, we've improved caching of pages and provided easier prevention of DDoS attacks.


Managing Your Domains Made Easier

With this new update, you'll be able to manage your existing domains better by allowing for easier migration, modification, and deletion of domains all directly from your Client Portal.

We're confident this update will enhance the quality of your user experience as well as provide added protection to your online presence.

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