Exciting Contacts Module Update: Introducing Powerful New Widgets

Exciting Contacts Module Update: Introducing Powerful New Widgets!

We are thrilled to introduce an insightful update to your Contacts Module. We’ve added new widgets to offer you unrivaled insights into your contacts. These new additions will not only enhance data visibility but also help you track and monitor important details about your contacts more effectively.

New Widgets Image

These new widgets include:

1. Contacts with Email

This widget provides an easy way to track the count of your contacts that have email addresses.

2. Contacts without Emails

This feature helps you keep tabs on the count of contacts that do not have email addresses.

3. Contacts with Phone Numbers

With this widget, you can effortlessly monitor the count of contacts with phone numbers.

4. Contacts without Phone Numbers

Stay informed about the count of contacts without phone numbers using this widget.

5. Total Contacts Count (Till Date)

This feature shows the total number of contacts that have been created up to the current date, giving you a broader picture of your database growth.

6. Total Contacts Count (This Month)

Keep track of the total number of new contacts created within the current month, allowing for easy monthly progress monitoring.

7. Contacts Count (Logged in User)

This widget specifically counts the contacts associated with the currently logged-in user.

Logged in User Image

Our team at SMBcrm is deeply committed to enhancing your experience with our products. We believe these updated widgets on the Contacts Module will do just that, offering you a deeper and more streamlined understanding of your contacts.

We look forward to continually updating and improving our services to better fit your needs, so keep an eye out for more updates to come!

As you begin to explore these new widgets, our team is on hand to provide any additional support you may need. Please feel free to contact us for help or further information.

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