Exciting Developments: Updates Galore

New Features: Course Notifications and Enhanced User Interface

We are excited to announce some new tweaks and feature additions that will make your learning experience more rewarding and interactive on SMBcrm.

Stay Connected with In-App Notifications for Course Updates

Staying connected and remaining informed are crucial in a learning environment. Our new feature release ensures that you will never miss out on any developments in your course. Here's what this update brings:

Instant Notifications for Comments

To facilitate better conversations and smoother interactions within the learning community, you will now receive notifications whenever someone comments on a course or replies to a comment. This will enhance the collaborative learning process and keep you engaged.

Alert on Unlocked Content

Frustrated of missing out on new content because it was locked when you last checked? With the new updates, this won't happen again. Whenever a previously locked post or category becomes accessible, you will receive a notification alert. This ensures you're always informed and ready to explore new content.

Stay Updated with Drip Content

Doing away with guesswork, you will now be notified as soon as drip content becomes available in your courses. This allows you to access the latest content when it's released, rather than having to wait or checking back regularly, thereby optimizing your learning experience.

Better Communication between Instructors and Learners

To foster better communication and interaction between instructors and learners, instructors will now receive notifications for learner comments. This will help in resolving queries and questions quicker, thus improving the overall learning experience.

Improving User Interface with Common Client Portal Navbar Integration

In our continuous efforts to provide a seamless user experience, we have integrated a single Navbar component across all the child apps within the client portal. This aims to unify the look and feel of the applications and enhance the overall portal experience.

Tech Updates and Bug Fixes

In this update, we've also upgraded our tech support. The node version in the membership preview app has migrated from 16 to 20, offering better and consistent UI support.

We have also worked on some bug fixes, including the 'Category Post Tree Fix' and 'Hotfix for course exporter'. We have also made layout changes for both Classic and Neue themes to provide a better user experience.

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