Exciting Enhancements to the Service Menu

Exciting Enhancements to the Service Menu

We’re always listening to your feedback and working towards creating a better and more efficient experience for you. One area of interest has been the service menu and its customization options. Based on your valuable feedback, the following enhancements have now been implemented:

Improved Customization

Previously, the service menu followed default settings and limited user customization. Acknowledging your need for flexibility, options have been added to enable or disable specific functionalities:

  • Bookers Adding Additional Guests
  • Booking Multiple Services
  • Selecting Preferred Staff Member

These settings are now at your command, ensuring you have the practicality you require.

Service Menu Descriptions

The service menu now allows the addition of a description which is then visible on the widget, providing more detailed information to the users.

Custom Code for Visual Enhancement

Furthering the options for customization, you can now include custom code for visual enhancements, making it possible to match the service menu’s look and feel with your branding.

How to Customize Your Service Menu?

To access these new adjustments, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Service menu settings > Service menu details.’
  2. Scroll down to find the new options.
  3. Toggle the switches on/off depending on your needs.
  4. Click ‘Save’ to apply your changes.

These exciting changes aim to make our platform even more user-friendly and adaptable to your needs.

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We are continuously working to create a better user experience for you through several enhancements and feature releases. Stay tuned for more updates!