Exciting Launch: Instagram Story Publishing now Available on Social Planner 🎉

Exciting Launch of Instagram Story Publishing in Social Planner 🤩

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm now supports direct posting to Instagram Stories through our Social Planner. This feature allows you to harness the power of Instagram Stories without the need for mobile notifications. Our platform is among the first few in the social media marketing space to provide direct posting for Instagram Stories.

How to Create an Instagram Story with Social Planner

Follow these simple steps to create and publish your Instagram Story using Social Planner:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Social Planner > Create Post in the SMBcrm platform.
  2. Select your Instagram Professional Account.
    • Note: You can select multiple Instagram professional accounts.
    • Note: If you select other social media platforms, the story option will not be visible.
  3. Select your media – either an image (up to 10MB) or a video (up to 100MB).
    • Note: You can add a maximum of 10 images or videos.
  4. Once the media is added for your Instagram Story, you can schedule it or send it for approval.

Take advantage of this exciting new feature to enhance your social media marketing strategy and engage your audience on Instagram. Ready to get started? Request a demo of SMBcrm today.

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Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

We have embraced a new identity as SMBcrm, reflecting our enhanced commitment to provided tailored CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.