Exciting New: Conversation Widgets for Your Dashboards

We’re excited to share some new additions to our product offerings: Conversation Widgets for your Dashboards! With these new tools, you can now gain incredible insights into your customer interactions, assignee distributions, and track new conversations begun in the week – all at a brief glance.

Brilliant Visualization Tools

The new panel of widgets now available for you are:

  1. Total Unread Messages:: Gives you a quick overview of all unread messages.
  2. Total Unread Conversations: Offers a count of conversations that have not yet been read.
  3. Total Unread Conversations Today: Shows the count of conversations, unread, where the last message came in today.
  4. Total Unread Conversations by Channel: Breaks down your unread conversations per the channel of the customer’s last message (example: email, SMS, etc.).
  5. Unread Conversations by Assignee: Displays the number of unread conversations assigned individually to team members.
  6. Unread Conversations (Logged In User): Reveals the number of unread conversations belonging to the user currently logged in.
  7. Conversations Distribution by Assignee: Displays the distribution of conversations assigned to each team member.
  8. Assigned Conversations (LoggedIn User): Offers insights into the number of conversations assigned to user currently logged in.
  9. Total Unassigned Conversations: Shows the number of conversations not yet assigned to any team member.
  10. Unassigned Conversations by Channel: Provides insights into the number of unassigned conversations initiated by customers through different channels, considering only the last message from the customer.
  11. New Conversations started (This Week): Displays the number of conversations initiated in the current week.

Simple Steps to Navigate

To capitalize on these amazing widgets, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigation is straightforward. Simply access your dashboard.
  • Hit the edit icon, then select “Add Widget.”
  • Scroll until you find the “Conversations.”
  • Choose your ideal widget from the ready-made list, or add your own filters.
  • Finally, click on “Save”.

The Brilliance in These Widgets

What makes these widgets so valuable for you and your team is who they empower you to monitor and analyze your team’s performance around customer conversations. You’re able to maintain constant tabs on unread and unassigned conversations. Plus, filters let you specify details such as Last Message Channel (Email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Calls, Voicemail, Live Chat, GMB) and Last Message Direction (Inbound, Outbound) for better customer engagement insights.

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Exciting updates are always on the way! Stay tuned, and keep helping us help you to succeed.