Exciting New Domain Integration Updates

Introducing Major Updates to Our Domain Handling

We bring great news for our users today. Following our aim of always providing a more seamless, safe, and efficient experience for you, we have partnered with a leading web-infrastructure and website security expert to handle custom hostnames for domains. This change will ensure our users enjoy an array of benefits.

Key Features & Benefits

Enhanced Security

Our top priority is the secure management of your domains. With this new integrative setup, you can enjoy superior protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as well as other potential online threats.

Turbocharged Performance

One of the perks of this update is a significant boost in speed performance. We’re anticipating that your websites and funnels will load about 15% faster.

Optimized Caching

The intelligent caching technology integrated into our system ensures quicker load times for your site visitors. This efficiency benefits both you and your customers by providing a seamless and rapid browsing experience.

Effortless SSL

This update also allows for an easy generation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which will be auto-renewed. This means you no longer have to worry about keeping your website security up to date- we’ve got it all handled for you!

How to Switch

The switch to the updated system is straightforward for both new and existing domains.

New domains will be automatically added during the domain connection process. For existing domains:

  1. Navigate to the settings and click on “Domains.”
  2. Select the domain already connected and click “Remove.”
  3. Reconnect the same domain using the domain connect flow.

Moving forward, we’ve simplified the backend by eliminating some redundant components, to ensure you have the best experience managing your domains.

Domain Settings
Navigate To Domain Settings

Remove Domain
Remove Existing Domain

Reconnect Domain
Reconnect Your Domain Using Domain Connect Flow

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