Exciting New Feature for Business Users: Auto-Send Invoices After Document Completion

Exciting news for business users and your finances! You now have the ability to auto-send an invoice for payment after all participants have completed a document. This streamlines your processes, saving time that could be better used for focusing on growth and customer engagement.

Update Details

Under the proposal and estimates settings, you’ll find Product Invoicing. Here, you’ll have the option to enable the auto-sending of invoices.

By default, this feature is turned off. This means when it’s off, an invoice will be created, but not sent to the customer for payment after document completion.

But by toggling this feature on, you’ll no longer need to manually send invoices or configure a workflow to automatically send invoices after finalizing a document. The system will handle this for you, updating you along the way and granting you more time to focus on customer engagement and growing your business.

We hope this new feature will make a significant improvement in your operational efficiency, enabling you to give more attention to your core functions and customer interactions.

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