Exciting New Features for ‘Record Voicemail’ Action in SMBcrm

We're excited to bring to you the latest enhancements to our 'Record Voicemail' action within your SMBcrm account. Providing an interactive and intuitive interface for your callers just got a whole lot easier.

Our most recent update introduces some key features – 'Play Beep' and 'Add Voice Instructions'.

'Play Beep' Functionality:

This new addition allows users to enable a beep sound right before the recording begins. This serves as a signal to the caller indicating when they should begin speaking. It regulates the conversation and improves overall communication efficiency within your account.

Adding Voice Instructions:

On enabling this feature, you can now add instructions for your caller, that would play right before the recording starts. These instructions can be either added by typing them out or even by uploading an audio file! This not only adds great functionality, but also a personal touch, such as "Please record your message after the beep."

Here's a look at the new features in action:

image (23)
image (24)

Note: If you are already using the 'Record Voicemail' feature under your account, these new options will initially be disabled. You can easily enable them directly from your account's settings whenever you want to make use of them, providing greater flexibility to suit your requirements.

At SMBcrm, we're committed to constantly providing and improving upon valuable tools that streamline your vital business communications. Do reach out to our Contact Us page for any additional information.

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