Exciting New UI and Gamification Upgrade Available

Introducing New UI and Gamification in our Communities

Available in Labs Now.

We are excited to announce that a fresh new user interface (UI) and a fun new gamification feature have been added to our Communities platform.

New UI for a Seamless User Experience

The new UI in Communities offers a modified layout and improved readability. You can easily turn this feature on from Labs. With enhanced default colors and fonts, this new interface ensures a smoother and visually appealing experience for our users.

One of our major enhancements is the introduction of a Reading Mode. This mode offers more on-screen space while scrolling through posts, offering an enhanced scrolling experience and a seamless transition from Discussion to Learning Tabs.

Gamification: Engage, Earn, and Rank

Our Communities platform is now set to become more exciting and engaging with the introduction of “Gamification”. This new feature revolves around a points system, enabling users to gather points, move up in levels, and view their ranking on the leaderboard.


You now have the opportunity to accumulate points by actively participating in community discussions. For each like your post or comment receives, you get awarded with 1 point.


Watch your growth in our community with levels. Your avatar and profile will exhibit a blue badge with a number – this number corresponds to your current level. As you earn more points, you progress to higher levels!


Take on fun challenges with our new leaderboards. You can now find out who has earned the highest points in the last 7 days, 30 days, and overall.


To make the competition even more exciting, group admins or owners can now add offline rewards as a bonus. This means, active members can not only enjoy ranking up on the leaderboard but could also get a chance to win prizes like $2000!

We are confident that these new enhancements will significantly enrich your user experience, engage you more effectively, and make your journey on our Communities platform even more rewarding!

Experience the fun of new UI and Gamification.

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