Exciting New WhatsApp Workflow Integration for Enhanced Lead Engagement

Introducing New WhatsApp Workflow Integration: Welcome Change in the Way You Connect

It brings us immense pleasure to announce the arrival of an exciting new product update to the Leads-365 interface – the integration of WhatsApp with our unique WorkFlows. We've included new trigger support and action specifications that will transform your lead engagement journey.

Our all-new integration allows for a 'Customer Replied' trigger setup within your WhatsApp Inbound messages, This set-up comes with an exclusive filter for the 'Reply Channel' which has been pre-set to WhatsApp. All this serves to streamline your lead response mechanism.


That's not all. We are also offering the powerful action of 'Send WhatsApp Message.' This dynamic feature presents two different options for a tailored engagement experience:

  • Free Text: Opt for the 'None – Manual Text' feature from the dropdown menu to personalize your response text to the customer.
  • Approved Template: Pick from our variety of pre-approved templates that can be sent directly to your customer, saving you precious time and energy.


This integration of WhatsApp with WorkFlows signifies our continued commitment to providing the best-in-class solutions for effective and efficient customer interactions. Further, it gives you the ability to meet your customers right where they are – on their favorite messaging app, WhatsApp.

We truly believe that this unique integration will enhance your communication processes, making them more streamlined, immediate, and user-friendly. As always, if you need any assistance with setting up or using these new features, our dedicated support team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us here.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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