Exciting New Workflow Automation Features for WhatsApp Integration Available Now

Explore Enhanced Workflow Automation with WhatsApp Actions

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our Workflow Automation capabilities. These updates revolve around the integration of two powerful actions within WhatsApp, simplifying communication strategies and streamlining your workflows.

Wait for WhatsApp Contact Reply

Now you have the flexibility of incorporating WhatsApp into the Wait Action feature of your workflows. This new update allows you to construct more interactive and responsive automated workflows.

Upon sending out the first WhatsApp message, you can instruct the workflow to wait for a response from the contact before launching the next step. This feature paves the way for a more organic conversation within an automated environment, improving the interaction quality and subsequent user experiences.

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Set Do Not Disturb (DND) for WhatsApp

We now support the integration of the DND Action with WhatsApp, making it easier to respect and manage the communication preferences of your contacts. Upon receiving a key response from a contact (such as “STOP”), you can automatically activate the DND status for all channels or exclusively for your WhatsApp channel.

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Avail These Updates Today

These two new actions are available immediately, allowing you to transform workflow interactions and communication management through your SMBcrm account. To check out the new features, you can navigate to the Workflows section under the Automation tab.

We’re confident that these updates will offer powerful new tools to optimize your communication strategies with WhatsApp and within your workflows. There will be plenty more upgrades in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

In case you missed our last product update, check it out on the product update blog post on enhanced email tracking control.

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