Exciting Update: Affiliate Manager Adds NMI & Authorize.net Support

Exciting News: Affiliate Manager Now Supports NMI & Authorize.net!

We bring some exciting news to you! We have made some significant enhancements to our Affiliate Manager. With this update, besides our existing Stripe integration, we are proud to announce that we now support processing commissions through NMI and Authorize.net as well. This means that you can choose your preferred payment provider from among the three leading players of the industry.

Diverse Payment Options

With the ongoing market competition, we understand how crucial it is for you to have business flexibility. And this starts with having the option to pick a payment gateway you trust. With our new update, you get to pick a preference from our three diverse choices: Stripe, NMI, and Authorize.net for processing your commissions.

Set Your Default Payment Provider

At SMBcrm, we believe in doing it your way. As part of this belief, you can now choose your default payment provider in the payments integration settings. Whether you pick Authorize.net or opt for NMI, your needs and preferences come first.

We hope these enhancements optimize your operations further and boost the overall performance of your business.

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