Exciting Update for Product Integration: Form Builder_updates

Introducing an Exciting Update: Products in Form Builder

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that takes your Forms to the next level – the integration of Products! This feature allows you to effortlessly add products to your forms offering superior customization and layout options.

What’s New with Products in Forms

The integration of Products in Forms provides a range of benefits and utility:

  • Payment Type: Sell your product or collect custom amounts directly from your forms.
  • Product Selection: Choose your products, input their descriptions and images, and select the perfect layout for them.
  • Product Variants: Your users can now select the specific product variants that are available.
  • Inventory Management: Quantity of products will be respected according to your inventory.
  • Tax Calculation: When a product is purchased, the tax calculation will be included.

How to Use

To start using this feature in your forms, follow these steps:

  1. Go under the Integrations, and find the “Payment” element.
  2. Drag and drop the payment element onto your form canvas.
  3. Next, connect the payment gateway.
  4. Swap between live and test modes according to your needs.
  5. Select “Add Product” to choose from your available products.
  6. Fine-tune your product details, such as its description, image, and layout.
  7. Choose your preferred theme and styling options to customize the look.
  8. Finally, save your changes and preview the form to see your products go live!

Key Highlights

The Products in Forms feature offers key highlights:


  • Add up to 20 products to your form.
  • Choose from three different layout options.
  • Embed these forms into funnels and use them as a one-step order form with limitless customization.

Tracking Payments:

  • Payment amount, order id, and payment status are captured in the submission details after form submission.
  • Order details are accessible by clicking on OrderId.
  • Export options are available for these details.

Email Notifications:

  • Receive email notifications reflecting the payment status and amount.

Workflow Trigger:

  • A payment received trigger can be utilized with “Forms” as a source.

Important Notes

Here are some important notes about this feature:

  • Currently, recurring products are not supported.
  • With NMI and Authorize.net, the First Name is compulsory while using the payment element in the form.
  • Refund amounts are not captured at present.
  • We don’t support the old API based Stripe connect method.
  • The Payment element will not display in Calendars featuring custom form payment elements.
  • Funnels don’t support multiple payments with multiple native forms yet.
  • Undo/Redo feature is not available with the Payment element currently.

Product Integration in Action

Here are some screenshots that show how this feature works with forms:

First Screenshot
Second Screenshot
Third Screenshot
Fourth Screenshot
Fifth Screenshot
Sixth Screenshot

We believe this enhancement in our product will add immense value to your business operations and marketing efforts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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