Exciting Update Media Templates Now Supported on WhatsApp

Exciting Update: Media Templates Now Supported on WhatsApp

We are incredibly excited about the latest feature rollout in our suite of offerings. Accomplishing effective marketing campaigns has never been as interactive, handy, and engaging as it is now. Presenting, Media Templates for WhatsApp, enriching your outbound communication by allowing you to include Images, Videos, Documents, and Location in your broadcasts.

Upgraded Features:

Images: Enhance your traditional WhatsApp message with high-resolution images.

Videos: Turn your WhatsApp communication vibrant with quick, intriguing videos.

Documents: Share crucial documents effortlessly within your messages.

Location: Make life easier for all by including exact or relevant locations.

Experience a new way of leveraging your WhatsApp marketing strategies with the aid of these Media Templates. Be it product launches, promotional offers, event announcements, or customer service, each feature can cater to them, enhancing audience engagement and overall customer experience.

How It Works?

The process of integrating media into your WhatsApp communication is quite simple. Start by navigating to ‘Settings’ and then ‘WhatsApp’. Here you can select ‘Templates’ and then ‘Create Template’. You have to provide a ‘Template Name’, select the ‘Category’ it falls under and the ‘Language’ it is in.

Following this, select the ‘Header’ and choose the kind of ‘Media’ you wish to integrate into the template. It could range from Images, Videos, Documents to Location. Add the media of your choice and then pen down the ‘Template Body’. On selecting ‘Create’, your template will be sent for approval to Meta.

Not just this, you can also send these media templates through Bulk Action, Workflows, and the Conversation Page.


Find out more about the WhatsApp media template here.

Bug Fixes

In our commitment to offering seamless services, we constantly work towards resolving technical issues and bugs. In this release, we have resolved an issue with specific phone numbers, mainly from Brazil and Argentina, where an extra ‘9’ triggered contact duplication. The feature now merges these duplicated contacts automatically with their relevant conversation histories.

We trust this update will enhance your customer interaction strategies, make your marketing campaigns more productive, and ensure a rich user experience.

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