Exciting Updates: A2P Verification Enhancements Simplify Your Experience

Exciting Updates: A2P Verification Enhancements

We are pleased to announce some new product features that will simplify your experience with A2P verification.

New A2P Status Indicator

We are introducing a new A2P Verified status at the number level. This will be found within the “Manage Number” tabs inside Location Settings -> Phone Numbers. For non-verified numbers, this feature will not yet be visible.

You can now link a specific number to the A2P option directly from the “Manage Numbers” page, making the process even more user-friendly. This is especially handy if a number isn’t linked or you want to link a different number for Sole Prop.

Screenshot A2P Verification

Automatic Delinking and Relinking for A2P Errors

To make communication smoother, we will automatically delink and relink numbers to the A2P campaign when A2P errors are encountered. This enhancement ensures only one number is linked at a time.

Enhanced Export Feature

Moreover, we’ve expanded our Export feature on the phone integration page, providing more comprehensive information about A2P, Phone System, and more.

Toll-Free Verification Badge and Traffic Re-routing

We’ve introduced a Toll-Free Verification badge below the numbers, mirroring the A2P Verified status badge. This enhancement streamlines the verification process, starting it with just a click on the badge.

We’ve also optimized screen loading by minimizing toll-free API calls on the “Manage Numbers” page. This change not only speeds up loading times but also eliminates potential delays.

Screenshot Image Toll-Free Verification

Furthermore, this update introduces SMS traffic re-routing via Toll-Free when certain conditions are met. For example, if the A2P campaign is not approved and the ‘from’ number and ‘to’ number meet certain conditions. If the location has one toll-free number or multiple, we have conditions to handle every situation to ensure efficient re-routing.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

We’ve been working hard to resolve a number of issues and fine-tune the functionality of our service. Some highlights include:

  • Addition of sample examples in the open text fields for Toll-Free registration
  • Changes to the Canada registration number acceptance
  • Fixes to the Phone Number, Number Pool, and Advanced Settings
  • Other UI enhancements and bug fixes to ensure a smooth user experience

These features have been live in the product since September 22nd. As always, we are striving to offer better service to our users, and we welcome your feedback.

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