Exciting Updates: Lead 365 Widgets Unleashed

Exciting Updates to Lead 365 Widgets

We’re thrilled to introduce several enhancements to our SMBcrm widgets, offering you more control and customization options than ever before!

Custom Fields in Opportunities

You can now filter opportunities based on custom fields you’ve created, enhancing your ability to tailor your widgets to your specific needs.

Custom Fields in Opportunities

Enhanced Metric Operations

Now, you have the ability to change metric operations like count, sum, min, max, providing greater flexibility. For instance, easily obtain the maximum value of revenue for a specific time period.

Dashboard interface adding new widget for tracking metrics.

Extended Date Range Options

Delve deeper into your insights with our new date range options. These include “Till Date,” “This Quarter,” “Last Quarter,” “Next Quarter,” “Next Year,” and “Last Year.” These options can help you extract more precise and relevant data for your analysis.

Screenshot of analytics dashboard customization interface.

New Operators

We’re also introducing two powerful new operators – “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty.” These additional filtering options can empower you to fine-tune your data with more accuracy.

New Operators

Improved Loading Time for Widgets

To top it all off, we’ve greatly optimized the loading time for adding and editing widgets on the dashboard by 99%, ensuring a faster and smoother experience for you.

These enhancements are only the beginning! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate your SMBcrm experience with cutting-edge features and functionalities!

To learn more about widgets, operators, and other features, you can visit our FAQ page!

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SMBcrm logo with intertwined blue and green design.

Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

We have embraced a new identity as SMBcrm, reflecting our enhanced commitment to provided tailored CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.