Exciting Updates to Contact Smartlists: Unleashing Enhanced Filtering Capabilities

Exciting Enhancements to Contact Smartlists: More Filters for Seamless Operations

We've updated our Contact Smartlists, providing you with additional filters to streamline and optimize your leads management. These changes will offer a more targeted and intuitive approach to managing and searching for contacts, based on specific parameters.

Created By Filter

Now, you can search for contacts based on the user responsible for creating a particular contact record. This personalized approach enables effective tracking and management of leads.

Last Updated By Filter

This enhancement allows you to find contacts based on the user that made the most recent updates to a contact record. A crucial tool for monitoring updates and changes.

Inbound/Outbound DND Settings Filters

Manage your contacts better by filtering them based on their 'DND' status for both inbound and outbound communications. This ensures your team communicates effectively without crossing any boundaries.

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Google ID Filters

It's more crucial than ever to establish a strong online presence. Hence, we've introduced Website, Instagram, Facebook and Google ID filters to help you manage your multi-channel contacts more efficiently.

Country and Timezone Filters

With our improved country and timezone filters, managing international contacts and scheduling communications according to different time zones has never been more stress-free.

Additional Email Filters and Last Activity Time

Existing email filters now search contacts based on both primary and additional email addresses, providing you with a more comprehensive list of contacts. You can also search contacts based on the last activity time, providing significant insight into user engagement.

Valid Email and Source Type Filters

Our new Valid Email filter enables you to search for contacts based on email validation status. Further, with the Source Type filter, you can sort contacts based on their origin, which can be instrumental in shaping your future marketing strategies.

In addition to these new filters, we've added extra phones, additional emails, timezone, country, and website columns to the smartlist table/columns and contacts export, ensuring you have all the essential information at your fingertips.

These updates underline our commitment to facilitating a smoother, more rewarding experience for our users and empowering you to manage your contacts as effectively as possible.

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