Experience Enhanced Control with Toll-Free Registration 2.0: Real-Time Submission and Status Tracking Upgrade

πŸ“ž Experience Enhanced Control with Toll-Free Registration 2.0 [Real-Time Submission and Status Tracking]

Welcome to our upgraded system for Toll-Free Registration! Our latest feature is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience as well as greater control and transparency over the registration process.

What’s New? 🌟

  • Expanded Access: Sub-account users can now register toll-free numbers at the phone number level.
  • Live Verification Status: Visit β€œNumber Info Settings” for any toll-free number to instantly view its current verification status.
  • Automated & Real-Time Processing: Our new system eliminates the need for manually tracking tickets, thus ensuring real-time review without delays or errors.

Who Should Register? πŸ€”

All U.S. and Canada based toll-free numbers should be registered to ensure optimal daily sending limits and to avoid potential filtering.

How will this help? πŸ’‘

Upon verification and carrier approval, your number(s) will receive a “Verified” status. This gives full access to A2P sending and significantly lowers the chances of message filtering for Toll-Free traffic. This is particularly beneficial on major U.S. networks and certain Canadian networks as long as you adhere to your stated use case and any relevant rules, such as our Messaging Policy.

What are the Sending Limits? πŸ“ˆ

Here are the sending limits for various number statuses:

  • Restricted Status:
    • Daily: 500 message segments
    • Weekly: 1,000 message segments
    • Monthly: 2,000 message segments
  • Pending Verification Status:
    • Daily: 2,000 message segments
    • Weekly: 6,000 message segments
    • Monthly: 10,000 message segments
  • Approved: Unlimited, but maintain a rate of 3 message segments per second.
  • Rejected: SMS functionalities will be blocked.

How to Register? πŸ› οΈ

Getting registered is a straightforward process:

  • Head over to ‘Sub-Account > Phone Numbers Tab’.
  • Select ‘Manage Numbers Tab’.
  • Click on the three dots next to the TF number.
  • Choose ‘View NumberInfo’.
  • Find the Toll-Free section and follow the directions provided.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the submission review process that you’ll see after you’ve completed the above steps:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 6


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