Experience the Power of New Email Marketing Enhancements!

New Email Marketing Enhancements are Here!

We're excited to announce some significant enhancements to our email marketing features. Based on customer feedback, we've added a series of updates to make the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Effortless Test Mail Fields

Never worry about repeatedly adding to, from and subject line details for your email campaigns again. With our latest update, once you've added these details in the send and schedule screen, the test email details will auto populate.

Image Resizing from Full Align

Have the freedom to optimize your image size even when using Full Align. This latest update offers more flexibility to create visually engaging emails for your audience.

User Interface (UI) updates

We've revamped the cursor icons for image, video, and text elements to offer a more intuitive interface. For those using smaller screen resolutions, we've improved the Text Editor toolbar icons to fit all in the same line without three-dot navigation. For longer email names, you can save the title in the Email Builder with a simple press of the Enter key.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed a range of issues in this update:

  1. Tablet Components Visibility: Users can now hide/unhide elements for mobile/desktop, and these will be clearly visible in the preview.

  2. Improved smart list: Users without permission to a smart-list were previously able to send emails to them. This permission control has been improved in this update.

  3. Unsubscribe link use: We've addressed a few cases where the unsubscribe link features were failing.

  1. A/B Schedule mail time: Any inaccuracies with A/B scheduled email release times have been fixed.

We remain dedicated to improving the user experiences and appreciate your feedback. Keep it coming!

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