Fresh From the Oven: Conversation UI Enhancements and Fixes

Fresh From the Oven: Conversation UI Enhancements and Fixes

Our unswerving commitment to improve your experience with SMBcrm now brings you yet another exciting update! A blend of enhancements and fixes, this update aims to enrich your user experience on our conversations page.


  1. PPTX Attachment Support: We are glad to announce that we have added support for PPTX attachments. This addition is set to expand the types of supported files for attachment uploads, empowering you to share impactful presentations with your team or customers straight from the platform. All with the aim to boost your productivity and convenience.
  2. Extended Messaging Support: We’ve magnified our API’s capabilities by introducing support for Webchat, Facebook, and Instagram messages. This development is going to offer both in-house and third-party developers a wider range of messaging possibilities, setting you up for a comprehensive and versatile communication experience.
  3. Custom Field Date Format Update: We prioritized clarity and simplicity and updated our custom contact date-type field format. The new format, “Mar 22nd, 2024”, ensures consistency across all service’s date formats and eliminates any potential confusion from regional date formatting differences.
  1. SMS Billing Support: Keep your budget in check as we now provide billing support for showing approximate SMS costs in our Template builder. This will enable you to get a closer estimate of your SMS messaging costs, allowing for precise budget allocation and financial planning.


  1. Enhanced Segment Count Logic: In our pursuit of perfection, we’ve addressed reported glitches of inconsistencies in segment calculation. Thanks to the integration of Twilio’s SMS-segments-calculator package, segment calculations are now precise, ensuring the reliable delivery of your messages and better communication flow.
  2. Improved Twilio Attachment Download: Delivering your incoming attachments seamlessly is as crucial to us as to you. That’s why we no longer require you to provide Twilio apiKey or apiSecret to download attachments. Through our enhanced download logic, attachments are seamlessly retrieved, ensuring a smooth display on our user interface.

We are thrilled about these advancements and fixations and we hope they prove significant in elevating your user experience at SMBcrm. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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