Google Sheet Lookup Gets an Upgrade: Introducing Case-Sensitive Search Capabilities

Introducing Improved Google Sheet Lookup Functionality

We are excited to announce recent enhancements to our Google Sheet Lookup feature, providing you with greater flexibility and functionality in your spreadsheet searches. Let's dive into the details of this new update.

Case-Sensitive Search Capabilities

Google Sheet Lookup now offers the ability to perform a case-sensitive search in a spreadsheet. This can help you pinpoint specific data and ensure accurate results tailored to your needs.

By default, the "Case Sensitivity Lookup" option is disabled. That means the lookup will not take into account any case sensitivity. For example, when case sensitivity lookup is disabled, "John" and "john" will be treated as the same, resulting in a true match and returning the matching row.


If you prefer a case-sensitive lookup, simply enable the "Case Sensitivity Lookup" option. In this case, "John" and "john" will be treated as separate entries, resulting in a false match and not returning any matching row.

This new feature gives you the flexibility to choose between case-sensitive and case-insensitive searches based on your specific requirements.

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