Impressive Upgrade: Automate Your Social Media Comments with SMBcrm

We are excited to bring to you an impressive functionality upgrade. Now, with SMBcrm, you can automate your company’s reactions to comments on Facebook and Instagram which will ensure to increase your engagement and keep you in constant touch with your existing and potential customers. This significant feature rightfully compliments our one-of-a-kind Lead Capture methodology.

Step-by-step Integration of Facebook and Instagram Account

  1. Navigate to ‘settings’
  2. Proceed to ‘integrations’
  3. Look for Facebook and Instagram section
  4. Connect your account


With this feature, we now offer new Triggers specifically for comment automation, such as ‘User comments on a post’ for both, Facebook and Instagram. You will easily find them in the ‘Facebook/Instagram events’ category when setting up your workflow. You even have the flexibility to set up filters on the basis of phrases or exact matches for the comments.

Customers’ information obtained via this trigger will be saved and utilized for communication purposes.


Exciting Actions to Play With

The upgrade introduces three novel actions that will help escalate your engagement levels on Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • Facebook Interactive Messenger
  • Instagram Interactive Messenger
  • Respond on Comment

From simply acknowledging to providing the users options of calling or routing them to a specific URL, all of this and more can be done with the help of interactive buttons that can be added to the messages. Use ‘Default Wait Time’, a mandatory component, to your advantage by routing the customer interactions to a ‘Default Branch’ in scenarios where no reply is obtained from the customer or the ‘Call’ action button is selected.

With ‘Respond on Comment’ action, you can set up multiple replies and the system will randomly select one to comment back.

Pointers to Keep in Mind

While incorporating these new features, keep in mind that the first field to be selected in triggers is the ‘Page is’, all other fields are dependent on it. For tight control, you can add up to three buttons in the Interactive Messenger action and no further actions can be included post the ‘Call’ button. For using ‘Reply to DM’, the system will verify any conversation that happened within the last 24hrs and if found, it will send a message or else it will not.

For detailed understanding, check out the ‘How-To’ on this feature in our FAQ section, and start using it to rev up the engagement on your social posts.

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