Improved Customizability and Default Pages for Enhanced User Experience

Exciting New Product Update – Customizable App Permissions and Default Pages

SMBcrm is delighted to announce a valuable addition to our Client Portal: the ability to customize app permissions and select default pages based on your unique operational needs. This feature is geared towards optimizing the user experience, promoting seamless navigation, and ensuring better control over settings.

Meet the Key Features

Here’s what you can look forward to with this update:

Enable/Disable App Permissions

You now have the liberty to toggle app permissions on or off as per your operational requirements. This means more control over access rights, leading to enhanced data security and targeted usability.

Select Default Page for Users

Make your most frequently used page your default page and save time on navigation. This feature is designed to speed up your workflow and offer a personalized user experience.

Concealed Location Permission

If the nature of your services doesn’t require location permission, or you prefer not to use it, you can choose to hide it for all Client Portal users.

Exit Check

Our system will prompt an exit check to make sure your progress is saved before leaving. It is a safety net to prevent data loss and keep your work intact.

How to Use App Permissions?

You’ll find this powerful new feature inside the Client Portal settings labelled as “App Permissions”. Customize it as per your needs and enjoy a more streamlined and controlled user experience.

This update promises to provide your team more control and a better user experience within the Client Portal. As always, our aim is to enhance our services and keep them aligned with your evolving needs.

Need more information or have any queries? Contact Us today or Request a Demo to witness this feature in action.

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