Improved Dashboard Task Widget: Enhanced Performance and Usability

Dashboard Task Widget: Enhancements for Better Performance and Usability 🚀

We are excited to announce that we have made significant enhancements to the task widget on the dashboard, providing improved performance and usability.

The Issue 🤔

Previously, the task widget on the dashboard loaded all tasks for a location, potentially loading thousands of tasks for some locations. Each task required an individual request to the Contacts to fetch the contact's name for dashboard display. This resulted in numerous requests and occasionally caused the page to crash.

The Improvements

To address this issue, we have made the following updates:

Limited Dashboard Tasks 📋

The task widget now displays only 10 tasks on the dashboard, which dramatically improves the dashboard's performance and response time.

View More Button ➡️

For those with more than 10 tasks, a "View More" button will appear. This button will redirect users to the Tasks Page, which provides a more detailed view and better usability for the Tasks module.

Improved Dashboard Task Widget

These enhancements ensure a smoother, more efficient experience when managing tasks on the dashboard. 💪

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