Improved Default Email Sender Features

Exciting Product Update – Default Email Sender

We are delighted to announce our recent improvements to our dedicated sending domain. You can now set a default ‘From Name’ and ‘Email Address’ for your dedicated sending domain. This new functionality ensures that all emails sent from your domain come with an automatically applied header.

Setting a default email sender can aid in streamlining your email management process by avoiding any emails being sent from non-associated addresses. Additionally, you can pair this with our Domain Configuration feature. This pairing allows you to distribute your email loads across multiple domains and decrease the chance of DMARC compliance failures. It is an effective strategy for enhancing email deliverability.

We’ve also improved our systems to ensure seamless alignment. When you add an email, our system automatically checks for domain alignment. If any misalignment is noticed, notifications are immediately sent to you to help steer clear of potential failures.

It’s essential to note that since February, Gmail and Yahoo have begun DMARC checks. These checks discourage users from sending emails from free email addresses such as those provided by Gmail and Yahoo.

Aligned Email Sending

Automated Notification

This new feature provides a simplified solution for those currently using these addresses in our system. Instead of manually locating and removing them, our feature provides a more convenient and time-saving alternative.

For more detailed guidance, you can access our support article.

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