Improved Efficiency and Enhanced Accuracy for SMBcrm Update

We are thrilled to announce a few important fixes to maximize your experience with SMBcrm. These updates are all designed to make your life easier, increase the accuracy of your Affiliate Campaigns, and streamline your operations.

Exciting Fixes for You

Trial-Based Customers and Commissions

We’ve addressed a hiccup that was causing trial-based customers to be included in commissions, potentially causing challenges with commission payouts. Now, you can rest assured knowing that trial products will be viewed solely as leads until a transaction is completed. This change will help ensure the accuracy and fairness of your commission structures.

Manual Sales and Commission Settings

Additionally, we noticed that manual sales were functioning exclusively with Default Global Commissions in Affiliate Campaigns. This limitation has now been lifted, and manual sales will also operate for Affiliate Campaigns with Product-Based Commissions. Furthermore, Product-Based Commissions will take precedence over Default Commissions, giving you more control and flexibility in managing your affiliate campaigns.

Affiliate Campaign Invites

In the past, affiliates added to the campaign received an invite email offering commission details exclusively for the first tier. We’ve updated this process, and now the invite email will display commissions for the specific tier level at which the affiliates were added within the campaign. This enhancement will provide clearer, more accurate information to your affiliates.

Affiliate Creation and Editing

Lastly, we’ve made substantial improvements to the process of creating or editing an Affiliate. Some users encountered substantial latency/loading time when engaging with these operations. We’ve optimized the Create/Edit Affiliate flow, reducing latency by 80%, so you can save time and avoid unnecessary wait periods.

These updates exemplify our commitment to continuously refining and enhancing our features to provide you with a top-notch user experience. We steadfastly listen to your feedback and strive to address any bugs or issues you encounter to the best of our abilities.

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