Improved Error Handling for Deleted Workflows

New Product Update – Error Handling in Deleted Workflows

We’re excited to bring you a new update that enhances the error handling process for deleted workflows. This update ensures a smoother experience by promptly informing you if a workflow cannot be found.

Improved User Experience

In the past, attempting to access a workflow via a direct URL only to find that it had been deleted could be a confusing experience. We have now introduced a clear error message to guide you.

Error screen displaying "Workflow Not Found" message.

Key Feature

  • Error Notification: If you attempt to load a deleted workflow using a URL, an error message will pop up stating that “Workflow was not found.”

This small but significant change will save you time and relieve the frustration of uncertain navigation. For more tips on how to effectively manage your workflows, visit our Enhanced Opportunity Management page.

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