Improved Membership Analytics and Other Updates

Introducing Improved Membership Analytics and Other Updates

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting update to our membership platform! This latest enhancement provides course creators with a powerful toolset to efficiently monitor the progress of every user enrolled in their courses. This powerful insight is accessible through the main menu (Memberships > Analytics > Membership Analytics).

New Features

Search Options

Locating your members just became a lot easier. You can now search for members using their email address with the “Search by email” function.

Member Progress

With a simple click on the view icon, you can now access detailed learner performance information for each product, sub-category, and lesson. Additional user information is also provided for a comprehensive view.

Filters for Products

Need to narrow down your viewing selection? You can now toggle products and Offers in the Filters. Choose any number of products or offers you prefer to view.

Categories Progress

Course creators can keep an eagle eye on the progress of individual posts by navigating to the respective category.

Marking Completion

We’ve added the new feature that allows instructors the liberty to mark posts as complete with a simple checkbox. As an added bonus, the progress bars will dynamically adjust to reflect changes in category and product performance.

Manage Offers

Effortlessly make comprehensive adjustments to existing attached offers. Whether you want to add new offers or remove existing ones, this feature enables you to update offers directly from the member progress.


With a commitment to improving our user experience, we’ve also executed a comprehensive redesign of the Payment modal within our Preview Side App.

Payment Modal redesign
Adding payment method
Adjusting payment details

These improvements will go a long way to ensure you have an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience on our platform.

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Please visit our Product Update Section for more details. We’re always happy to listen to your feedback!