Improved User Experience in Conversations

User Experience Improvements in Conversations

We are excited to announce some noteworthy updates aimed at improving your user experience in Conversations.

You'll now have a seamless internet browsing experience. All links and URLs added to emails will now be automatically formatted and displayed as clickable links. It's a user-friendly way to convey digital information to your audience, enhancing your communication.

Please keep in mind, to have your URL automatically transformed into a clickable link, it must include a scheme (https:// or http://), a domain name, and a top-level domain name. The interesting part? The respective page opens in a new tab when the link is clicked.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 1

Improved Contact Avatar Interaction:

This new feature helps streamline your work process. Clicking on a contact avatar will now directly open the contact details page in a new tab. This spurs uninterrupted conversations and ongoing calls even while accessing contact data. By maintaining continuity in your conversation, your communication process remains smooth and convenient.

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In case you missed it, check out our previous product update where we introduced the feature to set a signing order for documents and contracts.