Interactive Variant Image Mapping for E-commerce Stores

Exciting Update for E-commerce Store Owners

We are thrilled to announce that e-commerce store owners can now map each variant combination with a unique image! This state-of-the-art feature is designed to enhance visualization and improve overall shopping experience for your customers.

E-commerce Stores Get an Interface Lift

Easily accessible, you can tap into this feature via the variants section while editing or adding a product. Each variant combination will now display a small thumbnail on the left side that represents the image. After clicking on the said thumbnail, a popup window will show up, allowing you to select from already existing media images or upload something new.


Seamless Integration with Product Detail Page

You will notice the ease with which this new feature integrates into your product detail page. Once your customer selects a particular variant, the associated media image will automatically be chosen if there is a variant image available. This feature enhances the shopping experience, and bolsters user-friendly navigation.


Please note that selecting an image will not change the variant, even if there is a variant combination associated with the image. It’s key to keep in mind the sheer convenience this update brings, as it creates a more streamlined buying journey for your patrons.


Unlock the benefits of improved visual marketing and let the image mapping do the hard work. We hope you find this feature as exciting as we do!

Head over to our FAQ section for any doubts you might have regarding this new update.

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