Introducing: 100% Discount Option for Subscriptions

New Updates: Offering Total Discounts on Subscriptions is Now Possible

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve introduced an exciting update that allows customers to apply a total (100%) discount or a fixed amount discount on subscriptions. This feature prudently accommodates businesses that aim to sell a subscription for free initially and have add-on purchases configured for the subsequent stage.

Customers’ credit cards will be securely saved on file after availing 100% off, ensuring secured transactions for future charges.


Our primary objective is to deliver a robust and efficient platform that caters to your versatile business needs. This upgrade is a significant step in that direction, granting you increased flexibility in your offerings.

Please feel free to explore this updated feature and reach out to us for any assistance you might need. We’re dedicated to offering you continuous support and introducing features that amplify your customer experience.

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