Introducing “Add Guest”: Elevate Your Meeting Scheduling with Our Transformative Feature

Elevate Your Meeting Scheduling with Our New Feature: Add Guest 📅

We are excited to announce our transformational feature, "Add Guest". This feature is designed to streamline your meeting scheduling process by inviting multiple participants to appointments right within the Calendar booking widget! 🗓️ Get set to amplify your business collaboration and productivity.

Calendar booking widget

Key Features 🌟:

Invite Multiple Guests to Appointments 📧

Our interface permits adding multiple guests by furnishing their names and emails within the Calendar booking widget. The added guests will receive the meeting notifications on the email address provided by the primary attendee, keeping all parties informed.

Guest adding interface

Compatibility with Calendar Types 🔄

Our Add Guest feature is well-integrated with various calendar types, offering ease-of-use for both Simple Calendars and Round Robin Calendars. However, please note that the feature is not supported by Class Booking calendars with pre-set per appointment seats.

Email Notifications for All ✉️

In order to streamline communication and ensure that your team stays on the same page, our system sends email notifications to all participants including the primary attendee and their guests.

One-Time Payments 💰

To simplify the payment procedure, we collect payments solely from the primary attendee. Therefore, guests are not required to make payments during the booking process.

Email notification and payment procedure

In-app Guest Addition for Bookings and Edits 📝

You have the ability to book appointments with multiple attendees, including guests, through the book appointment modal. Guests can be added either by searching for existing contacts or by manually entering the information.

Guest adding option

Editing Appointments with Ease ✍️

Looking to add or remove guests from your appointment list? Or perhaps, edit their details? Well, you can now do these and more directly from your Calendar view. One crucial point to note is that the primary attendee cannot be removed in the edit mode.

Managing appointment sections
Manage guests

Managing Cancellation & Rescheduling ⏱️

Cancellation and rescheduling of meetings are handled according to the Calendar settings. The primary attendees will receive reschedule and cancellation links for appointment management, while guests will not have access to these features.

Cancellation and rescheduling interface

Can't wait to explore more about this feature? Feel free to step into our FAQs on Adding Guests 📜

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