Introducing ‘Additional Phones’: Revolutionizing Contact Data Management

Multiple Phone Numbers for Contacts: Enhancing Contact Data Management

We are excited to announce a new feature focused on improving your contact data management. With our 'Additional Phones' feature now available, managing all contact information has never been more straightforward. Users now have the added ability to handle bulk import and export functions with ease, proving invaluable when dealing with large data sets.

Bulk Import and Export

Bulk Import Enhanced Feature

Steps to Import

To further streamline contact management, the Contact Import section now includes an additional system field named “Additional Phones”. This new feature will allow users to map all extra phone numbers linked with their contacts.

Let's walk through the simple steps needed:

  • During the import process, incorporate all additional phones into a single column. This data should be divided using commas (,), slashes (/), or semicolons (;), which are recognized in the “Additional Phones” system field.

Conditions to Note

  • Contact uniqueness is established based on both the primary Phone and Additional Phone numbers (if the “Phone” option has been selected in the “Find Existing Contacts Based on First Preference” field).
  • If any invalid phone number is detected in the additional phones field, that number will be discarded, and only valid ones will be retained for a contact.
  • The “Additional Phones” column can hold up to 10 phone numbers. If more than 10 are included, only the first 10 numbers will be considered.

Building on the increased efficiency for contact data management, the exported CSV file in the Contact Export section will now include a new column named “Additional Phones” whenever the phone option has been selected in the smartlist column.

This additional column will list all the extra phone numbers for your contact – organized within one column and separated by commas.

Sample CSV

Below is a sample CSV showcasing how the import and export feature operates:

Sample CSV

We hope the enhanced capabilities in managing multiple phone numbers for contacts will bring about an even smoother and more efficient experience for all our valued users.

Request a Demo with our team today and let us guide you through our ever-evolving, user-centric features and see how they can transform your business.

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