Introducing “Attachments Made Easy in Conversations”: Simplify Your File Management Experience

Exciting New Feature: Easy Attachments in Email and SMS

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new feature that will dramatically simplify your attachment management experience. Now, you can conveniently upload bigger files directly from your device, providing you with more flexibility when sharing documents within your conversations.

Automatic Media Library Uploads in Email and SMS Composer

We have streamlined the file management process. Now you can directly upload large-size attachments from your device. Every document in SMS and those that exceed the email attachment limit (20MB) will be automatically uploaded to the media library and added to your messages as direct media library links.

Automatic Media Library Uploads interface

Enjoy Freedom with Attachment Choice

In this update, we're giving you the freedom to choose your method of uploading attachments. You now have the option to upload documents through your device directly or select files from the media library.

Upon selecting Media Library, a modal will open, allowing you to select your desired document for upload, making the process even more seamless.

Attachment Choice interface

Engage More with Interactive Video Thumbnails

To enhance the visual engagement of your emails, our new feature will automatically create GIF thumbnails for videos you upload through the media library, making your emails more interactive and engaging.

Interactive Video Thumbnails

You'll no longer need workarounds like manual file compression or using external file-sharing services. This time-saving feature streamlines the process and simplifies the sharing of documents. Plus, the automatic thumbnail creation adds visual appeal, boosting the overall engagement and impact of your emails.

This new feature is now available under the name "Attachments Made Easy in Conversations" in the labs section of your SMBcrm account.

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