Introducing Attribution and UTM Parameters to Contact Widgets

Sub Account Dashboards: Attribution Parameters on Contacts Widgets

We’re thrilled to announce a major update to our Contact widgets: Attribution and UTM parameters are here!

πŸ‘€ What’s New?

  • Attribution Property: Filter contacts based on First or Last attribution with our new Attribution property in contact widget conditions.
  • UTM Parameters: Gain deeper insights with the addition of key UTM parameters to contact widget conditions. Create more detailed widgets using: UTM Campaign, UTM Content, UTM Keyword, UTM Matchtype, UTM Medium, UTM AdId, UTM AdGroupId, UTM Source and other Attribution properties like Medium and Session Source.
  • Group by/View By: Now you can create donut and line graphs using these new properties: Session Source and Medium.
  • Updated Columns in Granular Insights: All the new properties are now available in the granular insights table view and can be exported to CSV.
  • New Columns for Table Widget: These properties are also now selectable in the Table widget’s column selector.
  • New Widgets: Introducing “Contacts by Source”, “Contacts by Medium” and “Top Sources for contacts created” widgets.

πŸ‘· How It Works:

  1. Enter Edit mode on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Add widget.
  3. Under Contact Category, choose any widget.
  4. Switch to the condition tab.
  5. Choose Attribution and select the attribution type.
  6. Click on Add attribution field.
  7. Choose and configure attribution parameter filters as per your requirements.
  8. You can add more by clicking on Add attribution field again.
  9. Save your changes.

⭐ Why it Matters:

  • Enhanced Understanding: Identify where your contacts are coming from and create detailed, specific widgets for various attribution and UTM properties.
  • Lead Source Insights: Build your own interactive lead source widgets on the dashboard and export data for different sources using the CSV export functionality.
  • Greater Flexibility: Gain more control over what you see on your widgets, tailoring them to your exact need.

πŸ“Œ Important Notes:

  1. UTM parameters and fields will only be visible on Table and Granular insights view if Attribution type (First or Latest) is added in widget conditions.
  2. Group/View by properties – Session Source and Medium can only be selected if Attribution type (First or Latest) is added in widget conditions.

Click here for the detailed video and help article!

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