Introducing Auto-Pilot: Revolutionize Conversations with AI Bot!

Introducing the Auto-pilot Mode for the Conversation AI Bot

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of "Auto-pilot" mode for the Conversation AI Bot in open beta! Take advantage of this innovative feature and respond immediately to leads and conversations, any time, day or night.

How to Access the Auto-pilot Mode

To start using this exciting new feature, navigate to the conversation AI settings within your account settings. You'll find the "Auto-pilot" option now available under the "bot settings" tab.

Configuration panel screenshot

Key Features

The Auto-pilot mode is designed to efficiently address inbound messages. Upon receiving a message, it will wait for a designated period before collecting all relevant messages related to that conversation and responding.

  • Multi-channel Access: Auto-pilot is compatible with SMS, Facebook and Instagram channels, which can be configured in the Bot Settings tab.
  • Careful Timing: The Auto-pilot bot will only reply to an inbound message. If a manual, or workflow-based message is sent, the bot 'sleeps' and remains inactive for two hours.
  • Feedback Capabilities: Every Auto-pilot Bot's message will now contain options for providing feedback – "Thumbs up" and "Thumbs down" – so you can improve FAQs and continuously train the bot for better responses.
  • Real-Time Indicator: A timer will be displayed within the conversation box whenever an inbound message is received and the Auto-pilot is activated. This indicates that the bot is in the process of replying to the conversation.

Feedback screenshot
Timer screenshot

Advanced Auto-pilot Settings

Configure the advanced settings for the Auto-pilot mode in the Bot Settings tab within the Conversation AI settings. Here you can set the business name, adjust the response time, and predefine the maximum number of messages a bot can send in a single conversation.

Advanced settings screenshot

Get started with Auto-Pilot mode today and experience how this handy feature can make your interactions more efficient.

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