Introducing Bulk Upload for Products and Variants

Introducing Bulk Upload for Products and Variants

We are excited to announce that you can now enjoy a more streamlined means of uploading your products and variants thanks to our newly introduced feature – bulk upload via CSV.

Streamlined Product Uploads

If you have your products and their variants saved elsewhere or aim to migrate from another platform, this update presents a more hassle-free experience. Simply export these into a CSV file and import it right into your SMBcrm account.

Product Import Overview

Easy-to-Follow Format and Structure

For an effortless upload, we’ve provided a sample CSV to guide you in arranging your data correctly. This tool will be particularly beneficial for preserving data structure —keep your product and variant information intact during the transfer.

Format Guide

Keeping You Informed

In addition to easing the product and variant upload process, you also have the advantage of timely notifications on the success or failure of your upload via email alerts.

Upload Notification

Upload Notification

Please note, this feature is currently available exclusively for uploading one-time products and their variants.

Product Variant Upload

Enhancing Your Experience With Us

We continually seek ways to enhance and simplify your experience with us here at SMBcrm. We believe this update will make a significant impact in advancing your product management experience. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this.

CSV Upload Complete

Contact us now for more information about this functionality and how you can better take advantage of our platform’s wide range of features.

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