Introducing Call Connect on Keypress Feature

Enhancing Your Call Actions: Introducing Call Connect on Keypress Feature

In our continuous endeavor to make your user experience smoother and productive, we have rolled out an update to further refine your call actions. We’ve identified that with some carriers, the DTMF tone post-keypress wasn’t being identified by our telephony service. To address this, we have introduced the new “CONNECT CALL AFTER KEYPRESS” toggle.

Harness Greater Control Over Your Call Actions

When this feature is enabled (by default), the system will patiently wait for the operator to press any key to connect the call with the potential contact. This adds an extra layer of control and customization to your call manipulation activities.

If this toggle is turned off though, our system will play the whisper message thrice and then automatically connect the call. This is a pivotal feature for when you want the calling process to be succinct and straightforward without requiring any additional actions on your part.


To further enhance the ease of use, we have now moved this feature and the previously introduced ‘DISABLE VOICEMAIL DETECT’ toggle under ‘Advanced Settings’. Now, all your crucial call action control toggles are bundled neatly under the same category, reducing time spent navigating through various sections.

This new enhancement aims to provide you with more power over your call activities and seamlessly integrate with your specific workflow. At SMBcrm, we believe in continuously evolving to adapt to your unique needs and provide solutions that drive productivity and efficiency.

Now go ahead and try out this exciting new feature in your account and let us know your experience.

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