Introducing Call Transcriptions for Enhanced Communication Records

Introducing Call Transcriptions for Enhanced Communication Records

We are thrilled to announce our new feature, Call Transcriptions. Enabling users to maintain accurate records of all conversations, we continue striving for streamlined documentation and compliance requirements.

call transcription feature

Automatic Transcriptions: All your outbound and inbound recorded calls now come with auto-generated transcriptions, freeing you from the hassle of manual record-keeping.

Easy Activation: Administrators can instantly enable call transcriptions from advanced settings in the voice calls tab, simplifying the setup process.

Enhanced Visibility: Integrate transcriptions seamlessly into the conversation page for easy access and reference to call content.

Need for Automatic Transcriptions

An automatic transcription feature enables:

  1. Efficient Documentation: Achieve seamless record keeping for all of your conversations without allocating extra resources or time.
  2. Convenient Review: Review call content with comfort and ease, without the need to listen to entire recordings.

Activating Transcriptions

Simply navigate to the settings and access the voice calls tab under advanced settings. One click and your call transcriptions are activated!

Enable Transcriptions

Recent Enhancements

With constant updates and tweaks, SMBcrm persistently aims to improve your experience.

  1. Outbound SMS and Calls are now automatically disabled for paused or deleted accounts.
  2. Updated outbound messaging logic prioritizes better international messaging support.
  3. Suspended accounts now receive proper error messages and notifications.
  4. We have updated the Lead Connector logo to its new design.
  5. Error messages for the Missed Call Text Back feature now display with improved accuracy on the user interface.

Bug Fixes

SMBcrm is also focused on improving your usage by resolving and fixing issues.

  1. Fixed an issue related to saving a single custom SMS provider causing errors.
  2. Fixed an issue of automatic linking for accounts in telephony systems.
  3. Resolved issues related to the functionality of moving agencies on the support portal.
  4. Corrected an issue in the manual entry of area codes for the Add Number Pool feature.

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