Checkboxes in Documents for Grouping

New Product Update – Documents and Contracts: Checkboxes are Now Live!


We are thrilled to introduce the Checkboxes feature in Documents and Contracts with enhanced grouping capabilities. This update aims to make document preparation more intuitive and user-friendly!

What’s New

  • Draggable Checkboxes Element: Easily add checkboxes to your fillable fields by dragging and dropping.
  • Required and Pre-selected Options: Mark checkboxes as required or pre-selected according to your needs.
  • Grouping and Conditions: Group checkboxes and set conditions like ‘Select Atmost’, ‘Select Atleast’, or ‘Select Exactly’ a specific number of checkboxes.
  • Copy Checkbox Groups: Duplicate entire groups of checkboxes, maintaining all their properties.
  • User Guidelines: Signers receive clear guidelines on the number of checkboxes they need to select.

How to Use

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Drag and Drop Checkboxes: Simply drag and drop checkboxes into your Document.
    Drag and Drop Checkboxes
    Drag and Drop Checkboxes
  2. Group Your Checkboxes: Click and drag over the checkboxes you want to group, then click the group icon.
    Group Checkboxes
  3. Add Rules and Copy Groups: Add rules to your group and easily duplicate the entire group of checkboxes.
  1. Add Checkbox to Group Directly: Alternatively, click the ‘+’ icon to add a checkbox directly to the group.
    Add Checkbox to Group
  2. User Guidelines: Receivers will get clear directions on how many checkboxes they need to select while signing.
    User Guidelines
    User Guidelines

Why Did We Build It?

This feature was developed to assist users needing documents with predefined formats that include checkboxes for selecting options. You can now upload these documents and send them to signers, making the process more streamlined.

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