Introducing Contact and Opportunity Followers

Contact and Opportunity Followers Now Available in Filters, Columns, and Exports

We're excited to share a new product update designed to increase your ability to streamline workflows by introducing followers to both contacts and opportunities filters, columns, and exports.

Enhanced Contact Management with Follower Feature

With the new update, a "Follower" field has been added to the contact filters. This addition allows for the creation of smartlists using this customizable filter option for Contact Followers.

Contact Followers Filter
Smartlist Creation

Add Followers Column to Your View and Exports

Not only can you filter by followers, but you can also select the "Follower" field in the Columns Dropdown in order to:

  1. View followers in the Contact List view, making it easier to track and manage your relationship with contact followers.
  2. Export followers while exporting the contacts. Do note, Followers are exported as comma-separated User Names in a single column – making syncing with other programs an effortless experience.

Followers column view
Exporting Contacts

More Control Over Opportunities with New Follower Filter

In our ongoing effort to enhance your user experience, a new "Follower" field has also been added to the opportunity filters. This additional feature allows you to filter opportunities based on the Opportunity Followers – making it much simpler to organize and assign tasks.

Streamlined Export Process for Opportunity Followers

Making workflows easier, we’ve decided to add the Follower column by default when exporting Opportunities. Similar to the contact export feature, Followers are exported as comma-separated User Names in a single column, making it convenient to integrate this data with your other systems.

These updates provide additional ways to personalize and streamline your workflows – ensuring you're always updated and able to track your contacts and opportunities with increased efficiency.

In case you missed it, have a look at our previous product announcement which featured the introduction of the Conversations Expandable Sidebar. If you have any queries or need help navigating these new features, feel free to get in touch with our team.